Treatment Overview

FBT structure

FBT is an engaging and effective treatment that guides families towards healthier lifestyles. Families work with a trained coach who helps them improve their health in all areas of their lives. The graphic below provides an overview of what families can expect to learn in FBT.

Learn how to group foods & activities using traffic light colors.

Set limits and use praise and rewards to shape behavior. Be a healthy role model for your child.

Make your home a place that supports healthy choices.

Practice planning, budgeting & grocery shopping.

Discuss how to make healthy choices when eating outside the home.

Explore alternative coping tools so you only eat when you’re hungry.

Identify people in your life who will support your healthy behaviors.

Understand the benefits of physical activity, create a physical activity plan & decrease screen time.

Build body confidence, practice healthy self-talk & learn ways to deal with teasing/bullying.

Learn about the value of a good night’s sleep & develop a healthy sleep routine.

Explore resources in your community that can help you reach your goals.

Make plans to sustain your healthy behaviors beyond the FBT program.